News ID: 93047
Publish Date : 04 August 2021 - 22:32

Home-Made Vaccine Qualifies Global Standards

TEHRAN (FNA) - Director of Razi Institute’s Central R&D Laboratory Seyed Reza Banihashemi said that the COV-Pars coronavirus vaccine produced by the Iranian scientists enjoys features and qualities of globally-licensed vaccines.
Banihashemi made the remarks after Razi Institute’s international webinar on ‘COVID-19 vaccines; Challenges and Opportunities’.
“An example of a protein-based coronavirus vaccine is the Novavax vaccine, according to Alex Qassemi, the company’s representative in the webinar, Razi’s COV-Pars is one of the vaccines with the most similarities to the Novavax vaccine,” he said.
Banihashemi added that the information presented at the virtual meeting about the COV-Pars vaccine surprised the guest researchers who described it as a vaccine at the same level of Novavax.
Head of Iran’s Razi Serum and Vaccine Research Institute Ali Eshaqi said in January that the COV-Pars vaccine produced by the Institute is capable of deactivating the mutated versions of the coronavirus.