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Publish Date : 04 May 2021 - 21:34

Lebanon, Zionist Regime Resume Maritime Talks

BEIRUT (Dispatches) – Lebanon and the Zionist regime resumed talks on Tuesday over a maritime dispute in the Mediterranean Sea that has held up hydrocarbon exploration in the potentially gas-rich area, an official Lebanese source said.
The longtime foes held several rounds of talks in October hosted by the United Nations at a peacekeeper base in southern Lebanon.
But negotiations stalled after each presented contrasting maps that actually increased the size of the disputed area.
On Tuesday, the talks resumed at the same base in Lebanon’s Naqoura.
Since the talks stalled, Lebanon’s caretaker prime minister and ministers of defense and public works approved a draft decree which would expand Lebanon’s claim, adding around 1,400 square km (540 square miles) to its exclusive economic zone.
Lebanon and the Zionist regime are technically at war since the latter has kept the Arab country’s Shebaa Farms under occupation since 1967.
Lebanon fought off two wars launched by the regime in 2000 and 2006. On both occasions, battleground contribution by its Hezbollah resistance movement forced the regime’s military into a retreat.