News ID: 126226
Publish Date : 14 April 2024 - 22:07

Iranian Projectiles Pierce US-Zionist Multilayered Defence Layers


By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The so-called ‘iron dome’ turned into a tattered tin-shed as Iranian drones and missiles scored a strategic victory over US technology to zero-in on vital military targets in the heart of the usurped land of Palestine by piercing with precision the multilayered defence system set up by US-Israeli planners from the occupied parts of Iraq and Syria and throughout Jordan for protection of the illegal Zionist entity.
“Operation True Promise” launched in the early hours of Sunday April 14 was part of the vengeance vowed by the Islamic Republic as punishment for the Zionist violation of the diplomatic immunity of the Iranian Consulate in Syria on April 1 that led to the martyrdom of seven Iranian citizens.
The murderous entity, ruled by a criminal clique of non-Semitic east European claimants to Judaism, is flabbergasted at Iran’s powerful reach although as usual it pretends to have intercepted most of the projectiles and that only minor damage was inflicted with a few persons injured but no one killed.
This is nothing except sheer hypocrisy for the cowardly killers of over 33,000 civilians in Gaza over the past six months who survive on American support and whose only pastime is raining death and destruction on others, when the fact of the matter is that that Iran’s retaliation was not designed to indiscriminately kill the innocent but to destroy Israel’s arteries of atrocities.
This is fully evident by at least seven of Iran’s hypersonic missiles striking the Nevatim air base in the Naqib Desert that houses the supposedly stealth US-supplied F-35 fighter planes and putting it completely out of use, so that the people of Gaza could be relieved for the first time of the daily bombing that kills hundreds of them and destroys their infrastructure every passing day. 
This particular strike was similar to the January 2020 barrage of Iranian missiles on the al-Assad air base of the US in Iraq in retaliation for the unmanly murder of General Qasim Soleimani that was turned into a mess with no one killed but over a hundred American occupation forces inflicted with brain injuries.
In the words of Scott Ritter, a former UN weapons inspector, who hailed Iran’s response and confirmed the striking of the Nevatim air base “Israel is defenseless” against Iran’s weaponry. 
It confirms the fact that Iran’s rapidly advancing drones and missiles clearly outsmart the various US manufactured aircraft, including the F-15, F-16, F-35, Gulfstream, and refuelers that form the backbone of Israel’s unbridled terrorism in Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria.
In other words, Operation True Promise paralyzed the integrated capabilities of the US and the Zionist entity in the field of electronic warfare, and is undeniable proof of the ingenuity in tactical design of Iranian defence industry experts.
All said and done, it was a warning to the enemy that any foolish move now will lead to a swift and more powerful retaliation by Iran. This time to flatten Tel Aviv and Haifa, as could be borne out by several of the guided projectiles that flew over the Knesset or the so-called Israeli parliament without the leveling it to the ground in order to herald the Islamic Republic’s mastery of the skies.