News ID: 114791
Publish Date : 07 May 2023 - 22:23

Homayoun Fuses Persian Classical, Electronic Intersections

BERLIN (Dispatches) --
Homayoun features the collaborative efforts of three musicians, David Rothenberg, Bernhard Wöstheinrich, and Ali Sayah, who met in Berlin in May 2022. The album is a mix of diverse world music genres featuring bass, Persian tar, piano, and electronic sounds.
Ali Sayah, an accomplished bass and tar player, contributes to the album with his unique sound, influenced by traditional Iranian culture and contemporary developments. David Rothenberg, a renowned musician and philosopher, plays the bass clarinet, and Bernhard Wöstheinrich is responsible for the piano, keyboards, and live-sequencing.
The album is a sublime exploratory combination of different musical cultures, and the musicians’ individual talents seamlessly come together to create a notable musical work.