News ID: 114573
Publish Date : 01 May 2023 - 22:37

Iran Successfully Tests Homegrown Plane Engine

TEHRAN – Iranian industrial experts on Monday successfully tested a homegrown aircraft engine as President Ebrahim Raisi paid a visit to Iranian energy and infrastructure conglomerate MAPNA on the occasion of International Labor Day.
During the visit, the power component and the engine control system of the aircraft were tested.
The engine and its control system have been fully designed and manufactured by the domestic technicians at MAPNA using reverse engineering.
The president also visited an exhibition of technological achievements in various sectors, such as the thermal and renewable energy power plants, oil and gas industry, railroad transportation, aircraft engines, electric vehicles, health products and water industry.
The president also saw a high-tech F-class Iranian gas turbine and a homegrown locomotive, dubbed MAP 24, in the exhibition.
MAPNA is the largest Iranian contractor for steam, gas and combined cycle and renewable power plants.
Relying on its engineering capabilities and infrastructure as well as its experiences in the area of developing gas turbines, the group has decided to enter the aviation industry.
Its air division has been tasked with repairing and testing aircraft engines and designing and manufacturing engine parts based on international standards by using domestic experts and the latest technology. The group aims to boost Iran’s aviation fleet.
Last year, MAPNA conducted the first-ever live testing of a passenger plane engine which it had repaired. The conglomerate also unveiled a mobile test stand for aeroengines designed and manufactured by its experts.