News ID: 109862
Publish Date : 06 December 2022 - 21:32

Balkh Blast Ricochets Through Iran and the Region 

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
The blast in Balkh which left some seven oil workers dead and several others injured on Tuesday cannot be viewed as an internal Afghan affair unrelated to a tragedy on a similar or greater scale that might have occurred in holy Karbala (over 2000 km away) if the Iraqi security forces hadn’t apprehended a terrorist strapped with an explosive belt.
 These two terroristic incidents are also inter-unconnected to last month’s bomb blast in Istanbul and to the spate of terrorism that frequently rocks Syria, either through the aerial attacks of Israel or through the macabrely murderous takfiris – created by the US and equipped with chemical weapons to destabilize Muslim countries.
 The most important point to note is that terrorism in our region is neither sporadic nor aimless, but has one single source originating in the corridors of power in Washington.
 Its main target is the growing power and prestige of the Islamic Republic, as was evident by the riots triggered in some parts of Iran a couple of months ago by thugs, traitors and terrorists, directed by the false Farsi language narratives of TV channels in the service of the US, Britain, Germany, France, and the illegal Zionist entity.
 The goal of terrorism is to weaken national governments through bomb blasts, burning of buses and private cars, looting of banks and shops, insulting of women’s dignity, murdering of police personnel and passers-by, including children, desecrating of religious sites and the national flag, and blaspheming of the patriotic and pious leadership, on the orders of the super terrorist, the US.
 Through such cowardly tactics, the US regime hopes to impose the decadent culture of liberal democracy on Muslim societies – first by creating insecurity and instability, then by removing the Hijab that ensure feminine freedom and dignity, and lastly by spreading vices in the name of life and liberty that would shock any conscientious person.
 These vivid examples of organized terrorism ought to ring the alarm bells for the Ummah, which ought to close ranks and coordinate with each other for uprooting anti-Islamic tendencies from the society, especially the devilish assault on the women’s innate virtue and chastity, instead of wasting time, energy, and resources on petty political differences or sectarian squabbling.
 Thus, the bomb blast in Balkh is not unconnected to the malicious US propaganda campaign against Iran, neither the abortive terrorist attack in Karbala is unrelated to the security of the Islamic Republic where the holy shrine of Shah Cheragh in Shiraz was sacrileged, nor the explosion in Istanbul a solely Turkish problem.
 In the same vein, the Israeli attacks on Syria are interlinked with the recent riots in Iran and should be decisively confronted, through cooperation between Damascus and Tehran.