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Publish Date : 04 November 2022 - 21:46

Iranian Nation’s  Shattering of US Illusions

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
So vociferous was the chanting of “Marg bar Amrika” (Death to the US) on the historic 13th of Aban (November 4) that it reverberated throughout the length and breadth of Iran, ricocheting off the mountain tops, the sea surface, and the desert sands to transcend the political and geographical barriers, and send shivers down the spine of the CENTCOM terrorists in the region.
It shouldn’t be a matter of surprise if the audio visual broadcasts of yesterday’s nationwide rallies of scores of millions of Iranians celebrating the 43rd anniversary of the capture of the US Den of Spies, have shaken Washington to its foundations, making the senile Joe Biden look like a nincompoop, especially after his witless words a day earlier that the ‘US will free Iran’.
Wonder what the US president means, in what context did he use the word ‘free’ and whether he is aware what he utters?
Analysts have drawn different conclusions from his brainless babble. Some think that since the riots his regime triggered in some localities of Tehran and parts of a few other cities have failed, he will announce more monetary incentives (through oil wealth of the Saudi regime, of course) to the hypocrites who run anti-Iran media channels in the West and to the thugs, terrorists, and traitors in Iran to indulge in more violence, vandalism, murder of the innocents, sacrilege, disturbing of public morals, and disrobing on the streets by characterless women.
Others think that his advisors have deliberately put such ambiguous words in his mouth which actually is a way of face-saving exit (‘free’ Iran) from the mess into which the US has trapped itself in the delusion that American state terrorism will force the Islamic Republic to once again submit to the blackmail of the flawed JCPOA.
Those, however, who are living in a fool’s paradise think the US might resort to military steps to free the Iranian people of their faith in Islam, in the Holy Qur’an; in Prophet Muhammad (SAWA); in the Immaculate Ahl al-Bayt; in the mourning ceremonies of Muharram/Safar; in the enthusiastic awaiting of Imam Mahdi (AS) for establishment of the global government of peace, prosperity, and justice; and in dedication to their pious and patriotic leadership that ensures Iran’s sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, self-reliance through progress in almost all fields, positive influence in the region and beyond, and ethno-religious solidarity.
This year’s unprecedented November 4 rallies on the anniversary of the day that ensured that the US will never be able to infiltrate Iran again, were indeed a grand display of the people’s firm adherence to the ideals of the Islamic Revolution and the progress of the Islamic Republic, to which every true Iranian adheres, including non-Muslims, non-Shias and the ethnic minorities, as was evident yesterday through participation of all.
This is a loud and clear message to any dissenters to reconsider their follies, repent sincerely, reform themselves and return to the national mainstream of the Islamic Republic, or else they will be the perpetual losers, deprived of empty promise of the support of the devilish West upon which they have wrongly banked.
For his part, President Hojjat al-Islam Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi rapped Biden to bring him out of his stupour by reminding him that it is now 43 years since Iran became free of the US stranglehold and the Iranian people have no intention to turn the nation into a milk-cow for the Americans.