News ID: 100503
Publish Date : 27 February 2022 - 21:56

Tehran, Rome Boost Cultural Relations

TEHRAN (IP) - Iran’s cultural attaché in Italy introduced the culture, civilization and contemporary face of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Italy in the form of cultural programs.
Mohammad Taghiamini, in the context of explaining the content of the letter of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution to the European and American youth and also the statement on the second step of the revolution on Friday, while attending a higher education institution in Rome, organized a program to introduce the culture, civilization and contemporary face of Iran to the students.
Iran’s cultural attaché in Italy said during the cultural program that the comprehensive relations between Iran and Italy are pursued with the support of the heritage and historical commonalities of the two cultures and rich civilizations with a cultural focus.
Mohammad Taghiamini emphasized that Iranian cultural diplomacy in Italy seeks to promote mutual understanding and strengthen peace and friendship between the two nations and the governments.
Also, the Italian version of the film ‘Over Iran with the spring wind’ with the theme of introducing Iranian culture, civilization and tourist attractions was shown at the ceremony to introduce Iranian culture, civilization and contemporary figures in Italy.