News ID: 100097
Publish Date : 16 February 2022 - 22:31

Army Self-Sufficient in Producing Military Needs

TEHRAN -- The Iranian army has become self-sufficient in producing military parts and equipment, the commander of the country’s Ground Force in the west of the country has said.
“We will respond as quickly as possible to the slightest move and aggression by the enemy,” General Suleiman Taheri said while inspecting the readiness of the military forces on the western borders of Iran.
He added that “faith, training, discipline and a high spirit have led to the land force units located in the border strip in the west of the country having a high level of readiness to confront enemies ably.”
General Taheri explained that the ground forces rely on their internal cadres in the field of missile systems, air defense, helicopters, long-range precision artillery and other military equipment. As a result, they have reached self-sufficiency and do not need any other country.
“Mobile offensive units, air defense systems, precision artillery, and drone units are deployed on the borders. They monitor border movements with full intelligence capabilities and guard the country’s land in the best possible way and do not allow the enemy to attack,” he added.
A few days ago, the Iranian Ministry of Defense revealed two new unmanned aerial vehicles, as part of an aerospace industry exhibition held on the 43rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.