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Publish Date : 02 February 2022 - 21:28

Turkey’s Rotary Hosts Iran’s Youth Cinema Film

ranian short flick ‘Face’ has made its way to the 14th International Rotary Short Film Festival (ROFiFE) in Turkey.
The Iranian Youth Cinema Society reported that ‘Face’, directed by Sasan Khanalizadeh, will compete at the ROFiFE.
The film is about a mentally ill person who has contracted a disease — due to his job as he works as a clown in the circus — and caused the death of himself and his wife.
The ROFiFE is organized by Rotary, “the first and biggest Non-Governmental Organization of the World that enhances quality of lives of societies, targets to meet societal needs, operates becoming widespread of world peace and intercultural sympathy”.
Rotary has formed its main philosophy under six main topics, including “Peace and Prevention of Conflicts, Prevention and Treatment of Illnesses, Water and Sanitization, Maternal and Child Health Primary Education and Literacy, and Economic and Social Progress.”
The 14th edition of the International Rotary Short Film Festival will take place on March 17-20, 2022.