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Publish Date : 17 January 2022 - 21:38


By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The United Nations Organization is supposed to be strictly neutral and to spare no efforts in brokering peace between or among its member states without taking sides with any party.
This appears fine on paper, especially on the UN Charter, but in practice the so-called World Body has long deviated from its goals and allowed itself to be used as a tool for serving the vested interests of some of its founding members, especially the US.
We in Iran suffered this step-motherly treatment during the 8-year war the US had imposed upon us in the 1980s through Saddam of the repressive Ba’th minority regime of Baghdad.
Neither the bloodthirsty dictator’s frequent attacks on ships, railways, buses, and planes were condemned nor his targeting of city centres and use of chemical weapons, let alone the denunciation of the US for its role in openly siding with Saddam in the war imposed upon the Islamic Republic.
This same negative attitude of the UN towards the oppressed Palestinian people over the past 74 years is now fully evident in Yemen, where for the past seven years the Arab world’s most impoverished country is subjected to the US-backed Saudi-UAE invasion that has destroyed the infrastructure and killed almost four hundred thousand men, women, and children.
The UN, instead of naming the aggressors and demanding end of aggression, calls Yemen’s defenders ‘rebels’ for protecting their homeland and has banned any supply of weapons to them, while turning a blind eye to the massive flow of lethal American, British, and French armaments to Riyadh and Abu Dhabi to continue more crimes against humanity.
The other day it urged Yemen’s government in Sana’a to release a UAE ship which had been impounded for carrying sophisticated weapons to the mercenaries prolonging the war.
The Yemeni government has rightfully rejected the release of “Rwabee” which was carrying military equipment, and charged the UN of siding with “murderers who violate international laws.”
Sana’a also deplored the hypocrisy of the World Body for its refusal to criticize the continued bombing of Yemeni towns and cities by the Saudi air force, and the active involvement of the UAE to fuel the flames of war in Shabwah, Marib, and other regions.
After due warnings to the UAE to desist from its destabilizing role in Yemen, the popular Ansarullah Movement had no other choice but to retaliate by targeting industrial and military sites in Abu Dhabi on Monday, while destroying a UAE military transport plane in Shabwah in central Yemen.
This means, because of the dubious policies of the UN the theatre of the 7-year war is expanding, and may cause death and destruction on a wide scale in the Persian Gulf region that accounts for 20 percent of the world’s crude oil supplies.
The deaths that occurred at Abu Dhabi International Airport and in the Musaffah industrial area where three oil tankers were set ablaze through precision strikes, rests solely on the UN shoulders.
If the UAE continues its sedition in Yemen, then it should brace for more such drone/ballistic missile attacks that would trigger a massive exodus back home of foreign workers along with economic collapse – all because of the negative role of the United Nations Organization (NGO).

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