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Publish Date : 14 January 2022 - 21:40

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

Lebanon is supposed to be a sovereign independent country with functioning democratic institutions including parliamentary elections that are a barometer for determining the people’s support for the views of their representatives regarding domestic, regional and international issues; and of course, full constitutional rights for all sectors of the population, with the three major denominations allotted the three top decision-making posts.
As a result, in accordance with the percentage of the population based on the 1946 census, the president is a Maronite Christian, the prime minister a Sunni Muslim, and the parliamentary speaker a Shi’a Muslim.
Over the past 75 years the ratios have dramatically changed with the first two groups falling in national percentage, while the third group, although not yet the absolute majority, showing a sharp increase in numbers to the extent that today it accounts for almost 45 percent of all Lebanese nationals.
The Shi’a Muslims, whose chief representative is the legendry anti-terrorist organization, the Hezbollah, followed by Amal, are not demanding any change in the sharing of the three top decision-making posts in order not to disturb the delicate balance in governing the country.
They are, however, determined that Lebanon should neither be mortgaged to international bully the US, nor to the oil-rich regional bully Saudi Arabia – the most undemocratic and unrepresentative Arab country, ruled by the Wahhabi minority cult with no identity and rights for either the 55 percent Sunni Muslims or the 30 percent Shi’a Muslims,
It is indeed a matter of regret that the national, political, democratic, and religious consciousness of the Lebanese people which is not limited to the Shi’a Muslims, but prevails amongst the Christian and Sunni populations of the country as well, is not found in those who like to call themselves politicians and consider themselves leaders.
These persons, have unfortunately made the fatal mistake of undermining the independence of their homeland by being browbeaten by the US and by the regime in Riyadh, whom some witless figures have called a “brother” that should not by annoyed through any reference to its crimes against fellow Arabs – as is evident in the almost 7-year war imposed on Yemen and by the brutal suppression of the Shi’as of the Eastern region who have no share in their own oil wealth.
Anyway, thanks to the indomitable nationalist, democratic, Arab, and Islamic spirit of Lebanon’s Shi’a Muslims, last Wednesday the 6th martyrdom anniversary of Ayatollah Sheikh Baqer Nimr an-Nimr was held in Beirut, where opposition figures from Saudi Arabia and revolutionaries from Yemen were in attendance.
These included prominent activists such as Fouad Ibrahim, Abbas Sadeq, Hamza al-Hassan and Sheikh Jasem Mahmoud Ali. They paid glowing tribute to Martyr Nimr who was brutally beheaded in early January 2016.
They recalled his famous statement issued in 2011: Either we live in our homeland as free men, or die and be buried in it as pious men. We have no other choice.
Beirut-based Saudi opposition figure, Ali Hashem, told The Associated Press that Lebanon’s democratic laws give him the right to express his opinion against the atrocities of the Riyadh regime, which he said will not rule Arabia forever.
A senior official of Hezbollah, Hashem Safieddine said Saudi Arabia should stop its policy of “bullying” others as well as its interference in Lebanon’s internal affairs.
Despite the Saudi tag of terrorism on Hezbollah in line with US-Zionist policies, he said with political sagacity: “We want the best relations with Riyadh but it should stop its policy of bullying. Those who target us will get a response.”

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