News ID: 95728
Publish Date : 22 October 2021 - 22:24

TEHRAN (Shana) -- The CEO of the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone Organization (PETZONE) Seyed Amin Shahidinia has said 20 investment opportunities are ready to be unveiled in petrochemical projects, adding: “With small investments in these projects, sustainable revenue generation and job creation will be guaranteed for the country.”
According to PETZONE, Shahidinia said that investment in the projects would generate high value added, adding Petrochemical Special Economic Zone Organization has prioritized Mahshahr County as a practical strategy.”
He said the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone Organization accounts for one third of the capacity of the country’s petrochemical industry, and said: “The development of this industry over the past two decades has had a favorable growth and according to the defined vision, by the end of this [calendar] year Iran’s petrochemical production capacity will reach 100 million tons per year.”
The official said that the country’s petrochemical production capacity is expected to cross 135 mt/y by 2025; if the plans are realized on time, an important part of the petrochemical industry needs to produce basic materials will be supplied domestically.

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