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Publish Date : 25 September 2021 - 21:50

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

It was a treasonous move with traitors from all over Iraq assembling under US-Zionist auspices in the Iraqi Kurdish city of Erbil to support the selling of their homeland to the Israelis.
The government of Iraq, as well as religious authorities and political leaders, along with the commanders of Hashd ash-Sha’bi (Popular Mobilization Units – PMU), swiftly condemned the satanic bid to sow discord and disrupt national unity.
Organized by the Americans, who have already forced the unrepresentative regimes of UAE and Bahrain into open diplomatic relations with the illegal Zionist entity, the scandalous gathering was attended by Israeli officials flying in directly from Tel Aviv to Erbil without the permission of the federal government in Baghdad.
It was an insult to the dignity and faith of Iraqi Muslims, millions of whom are busy these days marching from all over the country towards Karbala for the Arba’een anniversary of the Chief of Martyrs, Imam Husain (AS), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), who gave his life to deliver humanity from such disgrace – as alliances with the archenemies of Islam.
Many have denounced the Kurdistan autonomous authorities for humiliatingly bowing to the pressures of the Americans and the Zionists to hold such a sham gathering in Erbil and openly indulge in treachery in return for a fistful of dollars.
The people’s representatives have renewed their calls for the immediate closure of all American bases in Iraq, including those in Iraqi Kurdistan, while the security officials have asked the interim government in Baghdad for permission to arrest all those who attended the treasonous gathering as criminals.
All patriotic Iraqis fully support the Resistance Front and stress that the national/Islamic goal is the liberation of Palestine and end of illegal Israel.
They maintain that it is un-Islamic to betray the Palestinian cause, and whoever voices support for such blasphemous moves is not a Muslim, whether he claims to be Sunni or Shi’a, or for that matter Kurd or Arab.
Some of the religious authorities have duly warned the Kurdistan autonomous authorities against conducting such illegal gatherings, and in case the warning goes unheeded, the right to take the appropriate religious, national, and intellectual action against Erbil.”
It is worth noting that recently the Resistance Front executed two high-ranking American and Israeli commanders in a military operation in Erbil to avenge the martyrdom of Iran’s Qassem Soleimani and Iraq’s Abu Mahdi Muhandis, who were among the leading campaigners for eradication of Israel.
If the traitors think that in the absence of these two stalwarts they can sell Iraq to the Zionists, then they are badly mistaken.
The Resistance Front has all the right to take the necessary action against treason and the treachery in the interests of the national dignity of Iraq and the independence of Islamic Iraq.

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