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Publish Date : 19 September 2021 - 22:35

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

While the population continues to groan under the sandals of the repressive minority regime, the Aal-e Khalifa rulers of pirate origin merrily dance and drink with the archenemies of Islam and Muslims, that is, the Zionists.
Yair Lapid, a Hungarian Jew born in Novi Sod in Serbia, who as foreign minister of the Usurper entity, called Israel, is all set to visit Bahrain – the first such visit by a senior
Zionist official to the Persian Gulf island state following last year’s diplomatic ties brokered by the pimp Donald Trump of the US.
He announced this recently at a conference with fellow Jew, Antony Blinken, who as US Secretary of State is intent upon humiliating the Bahrainis and the Palestinian people – both nations living under American-supported occupation.
The Aal-e Khalifa regime which recently propagandized the official opening of a synagogue in the capital Manama for the few Jews (all migrants) in Bahrain, while the native Bahraini Shi’a Muslim majority continues to be persecuted and in many cases deprived of citizenship rights, welcomed with great glee Lapid’s forthcoming visit.
It is but natural for the people of Bahrain to protest in view of the fact that out of a population of only 712,362
indigenous citizens, the regime has so far revoked the
citizenship of 985 Bahraini activists since 2011, the start of the peaceful democratic movement.
Some of these ‘stateless’ persons whose ancestors have
inhabited Bahrain for over a millennium – long before the occupation of their homeland by the Aal-e Khalifa pirates of the Khor Abdullah waterway who came only a couple of centuries ago – many of these people are serving prison sentences ranging from 15 years to life imprisonment, while others have been forcibly deported after serving their terms in the torturous prisons.
As for the children of such oppressed fathers, they have been refused official documents, including identity cards, thus denying them access to basic rights such as education, health, and various services.
Bahrain’s unjustified revocation of citizenship of its
citizens constitutes a clear violation of its obligations under international human rights law, especially Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
Yet, the Aal-e Khalifa regime is never censured by the
so-called human rights bodies based in the West, while western regimes, especially Britain and the US, go out of their way to express support for the regime at the expense of the Bahraini people.
Why? Because the Americans and the British hate to see the oppressed majority become masters of its destiny, for fear of the prospect of resuming the traditional fraternal and friendly relations with the Iranian and Iraqi people.
Another reality of which London and Washington as well as Riyadh are dead scared is the historical link of the
Bahraini people with the long oppressed majority of the eastern oil-rich province of what is called Saudi Arabia.
An independent and democratic Bahrain would speed up the process of the natural alignment, which means
detachment of the large eastern region, known as Greater Bahrain that was occupied by the Aal-e Saud clan during First World War.

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