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Publish Date : 01 September 2021 - 21:36


By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The recently released from illegal detention, Shaikh Ibrahim az-Zakzaki, continues to be deprived of his fundamental rights as the citizen of Nigeria by the malicious regime in Abuja.
The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) and his wife, Malama Zeenah Ibrahim, who last month were freed from over five-and-a-half years of their abduction by the Nigerian military are reportedly under some sort of house arrest.
According to reliable sources the couple who have patiently endured the brutal gunning down of several of their sons by the regime of Muhamedu Buhari on the orders of the Illegal Zionist entity and the heretical Wahhabi cult in Riyadh, have their passports withheld and are being prevented from travelling abroad for medical treatment.
IMN spokesman Ibrahim Musa said: “It is a known fact that during the botched medical trip to India a couple of years ago as granted by the Kaduna High Court, their international travel documents were promptly seized on arrival by Nigerian security agencies.
He added: “We hope this is not another evil machination of those in the corridors of power in Abuja to deny the couple access to medical treatment.”
The venerable Shaikh who is the leader of a fast growing population of at least 14 Shi’a Muslims, remains magnanimous and harbours no ill-will against his tormentors.
He thinks the 15th December massacre of a peaceful gathering of the followers of the Ahl al-Bayt or the Blessed Household of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) was a botched plot.
The perpetrators, including the certain outside powers and some biased local Nigerians, wanted to wipe out the Shi’a Muslims, but have only contributed to the rapid growth of the IMN. And this has happened despite the frequent bouts of killing of IMN members by the regime, which turns a blind eye to their plight.
It is still not too late for the Nigerian regime to repent and apologize to the Shi’a citizens by releasing the passports of Shaikh Zakzaki which will enable them to travel to the hospital of their choice without any further delay.
It is not too late to make justice prevail in oil-rich Nigeria, which because of corruption and its subservience to Israel and Saud Arabia, remains poor and backward.
Soon the Shi’a Muslim will grow by leaps and bounds and the coming generation of Nigeria will only recall with condemnation the Buhari regime.

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