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Publish Date : 25 August 2021 - 21:56

TEHRAN (IBNA) -- An assortment of essays, notes, travelogues and stories, ‘Collection of Sand’ ‎‎(1984) by renowned Italian writer and journalist Italo Calvino has been translated into ‎Persian and published. ‎
Publishers Weekly comments on the book: “Delightful and erudite essays... The book offers a delectable array of cognitive insights, ancient history, and Calvino’s indispensable voice.” ‘Collection of Sand’ has been translated into Persian by Haleh Nazemi and released by Tehran’s Hermes Publishing in 298 pages and 500 copies.
“Just like every collection, this one is a diary as well: a diary of travels, of course, but also of feelings, states of mind, moods . . . The fascination of a collection lies just as much in what it reveals as in what it conceals of the secret urge that led to its creation.
Italo Calvino’s unbounded curiosity and masterly imagination are displayed in peak form in ‘Collection of Sand’, the last of his works published during his lifetime. Here he applies his graceful intellect to the delights of the visual world, in essays on subjects ranging from cuneiform and antique maps to Mexican temples and Japanese gardens.
‘Collection of Sand’ is an incisive and often surprising meditation on observation and knowledge, the difference between the world as we perceive it and the world as it is.
The best known works of Calvino whose majority of writings have been translated into Persian include the ‘Our Ancestors’ trilogy (1952–1959), the ‘Cosmicomics’ collection of short stories (1965), and the novels ‘Invisible Cities’ (1972) and ‘If on a winter’s night a traveler’ (1979). He was the most-translated contemporary Italian writer at the time of his death.

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