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Publish Date : 27 July 2021 - 21:41


By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The Lebanese parliament’s endorsement of Najib Miqati as the new prime minister and his confirmation by President Michel Aoun augurs well for the country, which because of US sanctions is facing an unprecedented economic crisis.
Miqati, a billionaire from Tripoli and a Sunni Muslim politician (in accordance with the Lebanese constitution) may not have a magic wand to overnight solve the problems of Lebanon, but the person who twice served as prime minister, has the experience to lead the country out of the woods.
It was a good choice, considering that the earlier candidate, Sa’d Hariri – a Saudi citizenship holder with loyalties towards Riyadh – failed to assemble a broad-based cabinet and had to be shoved out.
Miqati, however, should be careful of bowing to France’s pressure. Paris, the former colonial power in Lebanon, has a habit of meddling in Beirut’s internal affairs.
The new prime minister should understand that he is the leader of the Lebanese people and not the French people, or for that matter the regime in France led by Immanuel Macron, who at every opportunity never misses a opportunity to insult the Muslim people of Lebanon.
He should be wary of the plots of the meddlesome Americans, who despite their claim of neutrality are the worst enemies of the Lebanese Muslims, as is clear by their partnership with the Israelis.
He should also not trust the Saudis, whose main goal in Lebanon is creating sectarian divisions.
The fact that Lebanon’s legendry anti-terrorist movement, the Hezbollah, has given support through its parliamentary bloc to Miqati, should instill confidence in him to work seriously in resolving the economic crisis facing the country.
Experts believe the words with which Miqati has begun his task is that of openness and therefore could pave the way for more flexible talks with all sides
The Islamic Republic of Iran respects the choice of the Lebanese people, and will support him.
Miqati should therefore, build fraternal and friendly relations with all the well-wishers of the Lebanese nation, including the legally elected government of Syria, to keep the Zionists at bay.

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