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Publish Date : 13 July 2021 - 22:03

TEHRAN - The Iranian administration and Judiciary spokesman blasted a recent meeting of the anti-Iran Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) terrorist group revealed once again the hypocritical face of the American politicians, who call themselves supporters of human rights but attend events organized by notorious terrorists.
At his weekly press conference on Tuesday, Ali Rabiei, the administration’s spokesman said meetings of the “outcast” MKO terror outfit were an “unmasked display of ill wish and spite” vis-à-vis the Iranian nation.
“The gathering of the MKO terrorist group is a chance to identify and expose the hypocritical American politicians who, despite repeated slogans, have not paid even the least attention to the principles and history of terrorism and human rights violations in other countries,”
“Those who brazenly stand by the terrorists have no competence to speak about the most basic principles of human rights and pretend to be peace-loving and benevolent to the Iranian people and other free nations in the world,” he added.
However, he said, Tehran has never expected those who have in recent years planned and supported sanctions, war and terrorism against the Iranian people under the so-called “maximum pressure” campaign to distance themselves from the MKO terrorist group.
It is a shame for the U.S. and Europe that the infamous former secretary of state and several other American and European officials stand shoulder to shoulder with the terrorists, who have massacred thousands of innocent Iranians, “for a handful of dollars” and “shamelessly take pride in these crimes,” he said.
And also Judiciary spokesman Esmayeeli said,“Unfortunately, today in the Western world we are faced with the false claims of supporting human rights. In recent days, we witnessed that the Monafeqin (the hypocrites as the MKO members are called in Iran) grouplet, whose hands are stained with the blood of thousands of Iranian martyrs of this nation and has martyred Iran’s supreme court chief, president, prime minister and many people from all walks of life, held a meeting in a European capital and the officials of these countries participated in the meeting.”
“If they are honest in their human rights claims, why do they support these terrorists,” he asked.
“We do not believe the western countries’ claims about supporting human rights is sincere; this action is a hundred percent politically driven and without any legal basis, and our country does not attach any value to these acts,” Esmayeeli said.

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