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Publish Date : 12 July 2021 - 21:35

GAZA CITY (Dispatches) – Palestinians on Monday staged a rally in the Gaza Strip to protest against the Zionist regime’s policy of the so-called administrative detention of Palestinian detainees.
The rally, organized by the resistance movement Hamas, was held in front of the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC)’s office in Gaza City.
Demonstrators held banners demanding the release of Palestinian detainees held by the Zionist regime.
“The practice of administrative detention and abusing detainees is illegal,” Hamas spokesman Iyad Abu Fnun told the rally.
He called for putting pressure on the regime to set free Palestinians held in the regime’s prisons.
The policy of administrative detention allows the occupying regime authorities to extend the detention of a prisoner without charge or trial.
“Israel blatantly violates international law and human rights conventions by detaining Palestinian lawmakers and applying [the policy of] administrative detention,” Hamas member, Mohammad al-Ghoul, told participants.
There are around 5,300 Palestinian detainees in the regime’s prisons, including 520 administrative detainees, according to institutions concerned with prisoners’ affairs.
‘Deliberate Medical Neglect’

Meanwhile, a Palestinian commission for prisoners condemned the occupying regime for practicing the policy of “deliberate medical neglect” against Palestinian inmates languishing behind bars in the Israeli jail.
In a statement released on Sunday, the Palestinian Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs said that the regime’s prison service (IPS) deliberately denies medical care to terminally-ill Palestinian detainees and violates their very fundamental rights enshrined in international treaties and charters.
The commission pointed to several cases of prisoners with medical conditions and appealed to the international Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations to assume their responsibilities towards the prisoners.
It also held the IPS fully responsible for the medical neglect policy pursued at its jails against the Palestinian prisoners.
The commission said that the regime authorities barely provides medication to Nidhal Zalloum, a 57-year-old Palestinian prisoner from the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah, who suffers from blood pressure, diabetes and constant vertigo at Eshel prison.
Zalloum is one of the longest-serving prisoners in Israeli jails, where he spent about 32 years of his prison sentence that includes two life terms.

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