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Publish Date : 09 July 2021 - 21:42

TEHRAN (FNA) - The joint Iranian-Australian coronavirus vaccine has passed the animal and first human trial phases in Australia and the second phase of clinical tests is under study in Iran, an official said Wednesday.
“The license for the second phase of clinical studies has been issued, and thus 400 Iranians received two doses of the Spicogen vaccine, and today and yesterday, blood samples were taken from these people, and the results of the studies will be presented to the health ministry,” Payam Tabarsi, one of the Iranian researchers participating in the project, said on Wednesday.
He noted that the Spicogen vaccine works on a double-dose immunity platform, and added, “The second phase of clinical studies will be conducted on 16,800 volunteers.”
“The production capacity of this vaccine stands at 5 million doses per month, and fortunately the infrastructures have been prepared and mass production will start necessary licenses are issued,” Tabarsi said.
In relevant remarks last month, Spokesman of the Iranian Food and Drug Administration Kianoush Jahanpour had said that the second and third phases of clinical studies of the Iranian-Australian Spicogen vaccine for coronavirus will be performed in Iran.
The first phase of the clinical trial was performed on volunteer Australians and the two next phases will be administrated to 400 Iranians, he stated.
He went on to note that Spicogen is a recombinant protein subunit vaccine.
An Iranian pharmaceutical company will produce the vaccine jointly with an Australian company in Iran, he concluded.

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