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Publish Date : 27 June 2021 - 22:02


By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

It is now full forty years since the martyrdom of the great revolutionary figure, Chief Justice Ayatollah Mohammad Hussaini Beheshti, along with 72 high-ranking officials, including parliament members and cabinet ministers, by traitors on the payroll of the US, thinking that such dastardly acts of terrorism would bring about the collapse of the Islamic Republic system of government in Iran.
Today, the American criminals still pursue the same stale policy of terrorism – the latest prominent victim being General Qassem Soleimani – but the dynamic system of Velayat-e Faqih (Governance of the Supreme Jurisprudent) whose constitution was mainly drafted by Ayatollah Beheshti, has gone from strength to strength, undeterred by the US plots.
His famous words that bear testimony to Washington’s devilish nature which can never be changed – contrary to the misconstrued expectations of the naive and the knaves – continue to ring in our ears: “US, be angry with us and die in (the state of) anger.
Indeed, demise is writ large on the face of the US, which having been kicked out of the sacred soil of Iran in 1979, is desperately trying to linger in our region, when it is only a matter of time before it would be driven out of Iraq, Syria, Arabia, Bahrain, and other places (Afghanistan included), thanks to the immortal legacy of the Martyrs of Iran whom American agents had assassinated on the assumption of the killing the Islamic Revolution.
No wonder, the Father of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini (RA), had pronounced those immortal words on 28th June 1981 on hearing the tragic news of the martyrdom of his dedicated student: “Beheshti was a nation himself unto our nation”.
Yes, he was a nation in his own right and the smooth functioning of the national constitution that recently saw the election of the current Judiciary Chief, Ayatollah Ibrahim Raisi, as the 8th president of the Islamic Republic, is indebted to the justice-seeking personality of this great Iranian jurisprudent, philosopher, and statesman, whose life was cut short in the prime of manhood at the age of 53 by US agents.
For the past two years, Raisi, who four decades ago was a young protégé of Islamic Iran’s one and only Chief Justice, has commendably discharged his duties, including his long stint in various judicial positions in defence of human rights.
He is now all set to play the role of Chief Executive, with the resolve to promote the goals of the Islamic Republic at home and abroad (for the benefit of nations determined to defeat American hegemony).
This is indeed the fulfillment of the aspirations of Martyr Beheshti whose vision, as a loyal disciple of Imam Khomeini (AS), had seen the dignity and humanitarian values of the Islamic Republic inspiring the eventual triumph of truth in the region, and of course, Islamic unity, including the campaign for liberation of al-Aqsa and Palestine from the Zionist yoke.
As Ayatollah Beheshti used to say the Islamic Republic system is designed for the betterment and evolution of humankind, and one of whose most important pillars of political thought was that humans could walk in the right path along with faith towards truth, today Iran is steadily marching towards the peaks of progress by mastering almost all fields of modern science and technology, and in the process assisting nations to break free from the devilish yoke of the US.

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