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Publish Date : 21 June 2021 - 22:59

GAZA (Dispatches) – Yehya Sinwar, leader of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip, said on Monday that his meeting with a UN delegation over Gaza’s humanitarian situation was “completely negative.”
Sinwar made the remark in a news briefing after a meeting in Gaza city with a senior UN delegation, including the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Tor Wennesland.
The Zionist regime “is blackmailing the Palestinian factions including Hamas in solving the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip,” he said, warning that the situation might escalate again if the issue remains unsolved.
The UN delegation “heard from us with interest and deep concerns, but unfortunately there are no indications of any good intentions toward solving the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip,” he added.
Meanwhile, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry criticized the United Nations for leaving the Zionist regime off the annual blacklist of parties responsible for grave violations against children, saying ignoring the regime’s crimes would guarantee impunity for the child-killing entity.
“The UN’s non-inclusion of the Zionist regime in the blacklist of governments and groups violating children’s rights in armed conflicts is a move in favor of the killer and in support of the criminals of the Zionist army and its terrorist settlers, and it would guarantee their escape from punishment,” the ministry said in a statement, Palestine’s Wafa news agency reported.
It said the UN action puts its reports at risk of “invalidity” and “dishonesty”, as well as skepticism about the principles on which the UN is based.
In a recent report, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called on the Zionist regime to reduce ‘army operations’ against children and guarantee punishment in all cases where children are killed, but he decided not to blacklist the regime for violating children’s rights in occupied Palestine.

‘New Cabinet Emboldens Settlers’

Illegal Zionist settlers have stepped up their violence against Palestinians since the new cabinet headed by Naftali Bennett was sworn in last weekend, the Palestinian Authority says.
“There is a noticeable increase in crimes by settlers against the Palestinians,” said the PA Foreign Ministry. “It seems that the settlers are emboldened by the composition of the new Israeli cabinet and the well-known extremist positions of its prime minister.”
In all of the attacks on the Palestinians, said the ministry, the settlers are protected by Zionist troops. According to the PA, this signals the “deliberate and intentional indifference” toward the rights of the Palestinians and international reactions. “This means that the new Israeli cabinet has so far shown that it is a cabinet of escalation in its dealings with the Palestinians.”
Zionist troops and Palestinian youths engaged in fresh clashes in the holy occupied city of al-Quds’ Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood on Sunday amid resumption of incessant Zionist provocations there and elsewhere throughout the Palestinian territories.
Confrontations began on Saturday between Zionist settlers in the neighborhood and the area’s residents after the Zionists attacked the houses there, Palestinian media outlets reported.
Footage recorded during the melee, showed the settlers throwing chairs at the Palestinians. The scuffles dragged into Sunday.

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