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Publish Date : 15 June 2021 - 21:31

Dear youngsters, could you answer the following questions.
1. Break me but I’ll continue to work, touch me and maybe I’ll stay with you forever. What am I?
2. I won’t break if you throw me off from the highest building but I will break if you place me in the ocean. What am I?
3. I hide in a dark tunnel awaiting my time. I can only be released by pulling back. Once released, I may do unstoppable damage. What am I?
4. I have cities with no people, forests with no trees, and oceans with no water. What am I?
5. I am a nut with a hole. What am I?
6. When it comes to me, you go on red and stops on green. What am I?

Answers to last edition questions:
1. Coffee
2. Your word
3. Road
4. Blood
5. Harvest
6. Odometer

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