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Publish Date : 11 June 2021 - 21:55

TEHRAN (IFILM) -- The 2021 Tietê Internacional Film Awards (TIFA) in Brazil has honored several films by Iranian directors.
‘The Castle’ by Saba Qasemi succeeded to win the Silver Anhuma for best screenplay in the narrative short category.
A brief synopsis for the ‘The Castle’ reads, ‘Some castles are made of bricks; some are made out of books, but all castles stand by memories.’
‘Recordist’ actor Reza Sakhai won the Silver Anhuma for best feature film, best screenplay, best sound design and best actor.
The Silver Anhuma for best editing in the feature film category went to ‘The Nine’ by Shahin Rashidi.
‘The Nine’ is about a photographer who selects eight young people every year, taking them to remote areas to perform annual rituals. The characters in the story, however, are unaware of the horrific fate that awaits them.
Masumeh Normohammadi’s ‘Fukushima Traveler’ received the festival’s award for best sound design in the documentary competition.
Nourmohammadi’s documentary accounts the first days of 2011, which were recorded as the most devastating winter in Japan, when a magnitude 10.0 earthquake shook the eastern part of the country and caused the Pacific Ocean to tremble.
The TIFA’s Bronze Tilapia – Social Awareness Award was given to the short film ‘Warehouse’ by Hossein Torkjush. The award is presented to a film with a relevant theme in the current social context.
The Tiete International Film Awards (TIFA) was organized both physically and online, showcasing a variety of films from across the world.

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