News ID: 90749
Publish Date : 29 May 2021 - 21:44

YAZD (Dispatches) - Managing Director of the Yazd Regional Electricity Company Yazd Province has said the province is developing solar power plants with the capacity 71.5 megawatt of energy.
Utilizing renewable energies has been prioritized throughout the world in recent decades and Iran is among one of the countries that have put on agenda the generation and utilization of clean energy, he said.
The generation of renewable energies has increased from around 100 MW at the beginning of the administration to 900 MW.
According to a report by the International Conference on Solar Energy, two out of six superior regions for generating solar energy are located in Yazd Province.
Assadi said that around 82 percent of electricity generated in the province is being utilized in agricultural and industrial sectors, which shows that most of the electricity is being used for production and employment.
The government of prudence and hope has inaugurated 71 energy projects in a bid to develop distributing water and electricity services around the country, the official noted.
Eight years ago, there were no solar power plants in Yazd Province, but the current administration has set up solar power plants with the capacity of 71.5 MW, turning the province into the first producer of this kind of clean energy in the Islamic country, Assadi added.

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