News ID: 90662
Publish Date : 26 May 2021 - 21:55

TEHRAN (Dispatches) - Iran stands among the 3 major producers of catalysts for the petrochemical industry in the world.
Iran-made catalysts are being used in Masjed Soleiman petrochemical project, one of the most important projects in the country’s petrochemical industry.
This project has a daily production capacity of 3.25 tons of urea and brings $268mn to the country annually. The important point in the project is using Iran-made catalysts. Only one or two Iran-made catalysts were used in petrochemical processes in the country in the past but in this project, 8 Iran-made catalysts were utilized which was produced by the knowledge-based Sarv Oil and Gas Company with a volume of 344 cubic meters and worth of more than $3mln.
With the capability created by the Iranian knowledge-based company, the country is now standing among the three world states with the ability to produce all the catalysts needed in the production process of urea and ammonia.
Catalysts supplied by Sarv Oil and Gas Company include sulfur hydrogenation catalysts, desulfurization, primary water vapor reforming, secondary reforming, high temperature and low temperature shift catalysts, methanation catalyst and hydrogen-removed catalyst.

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