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Publish Date : 18 May 2021 - 22:04

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The recent statement by the Islamic Resistance of Iraq to support the oppressed people of Palestine “with weapons and expertise and even direct participation in the fight against that deformed entity (Israel),” ought not to be dismissed as mere rhetoric.
The Resistance Front, which is made up independent countries and popular movements, does have the capability to effectively confront the illegal Zionist entity, in view of its on-the-ground vast expertise, coupled with resources, a wide variety of advanced weapons, and above all the will, resolve, and courage to swing into action at the appropriate time, undeterred by the nuclear arsenal of Israel.
Child-killer Benjamin Netanyahu and his bunch of butchers who are on a killing spree in Gaza over the past week and have so far massacred over 250 civilians women, children, and men, women, and children, are living in a fool’s paradise if they think this is a bluff since they have neutralized two of the frontline states – Egypt and Jordan.
The present situation might rapidly change if the carnage continues in Gaza and other parts of Occupied Palestine, and no regime, however friendly to Israel, might be helpless in preventing the flow of fighters and weapons through its borders.
The memories of the 1948 war that almost ended Israel in a few weeks after its illegitimate birth (because of the folly of King Abdullah of Jordan in accepting UN Resolution 194 in the false hope of giving diplomacy a chance) are vivid in the minds of the patriotic Palestinians and their supporters in neighbouring countries who were not yet born 73 years ago.
Let us recall a few instances of the heroism shown on the Palestinian battlefields during those days, as inspiration to the present generation of fighters who are intent upon ending Israel’s illegal existence one day.
An Iraqi force consisting of two infantry and one armoured brigade crossed the Jordan River from northern Jordan, attacking the Zionist township of Gesher, and then moved into the strategic triangle bounded by the Arab towns Nablus, Jenin and Tulkarm (in what is now called the West Bank).
On 25 May 1948, Iraqi forces advanced from Tulkarm, taking Geulim and reaching Kfar Yona and Ein Vered on the Tulkarm-Netanya road.
For their part, Syrian forces attacked Mishmar HaYarden, and on 10 June they overran Mishmar HaYarden and advanced to the main road.
The Egyptian army which had entered through Sinai quickly took control of Gaza and made a rapid advance northwards before unexpectedly halting its march when there was no strong Zionist force to stop its advance upon Tel Aviv.
Unfortunately, in 1948, the treason of the two pro-British kings (Farouq of Egypt and Abdullah of Jordan) deprived the Arab forces of a resounding victory to end Israel.
Today, after decades of conspiracies which have worsened the plight of the people of Palestine, the resolve of the Resistance Front, which is capable of penetrating the heart of the Zionist entity, as the Iraqi group of Harakat an-Nujaba has recently warned, is the only hope for delivering Palestine and Bayt al-Moqaddas.
Once this takes practical shape, then we might well be seeing the end of Israel and the glorious liberation of Palestine, which no power on earth, including the Americans, will be able to stop.

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