Sunday 16 May 2021
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Publish Date: 21 April 2021 - 21:52

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The mistreatment of Muslims in France is yet another proof of the anti-Islamic policies of the regime in Paris, which in its colonial heyday ruled over large parts of Muslim lands, especially in Africa and was notorious for its inhuman treatment of the ‘colonized’ masses.
Now with the overseas empire long gone and the countries that make up the Francophone zone not obeying the dictates from Paris, the French regime has resorted to the most discriminatory measures against its Muslim citizens, who besides the migrants from the former colonies, include a growing number of indigenous people embracing the truth of Islam.
French Muslims, who number more than five million in the country, pose no danger to the rest of the French people, the majority of whom are nominally Christian but gradually drifting away from religious and spiritual values, the result of which is growing crime and violence in society.
Yet, instead of facing realities the regime of Emmanuel Macron is trying to blame Muslims for the social crisis in the country, without any reason or rhyme by interfering with the basic tenets of Islam, which neither threaten the freedom of other creeds nor are the factors of the spread of negative tendencies or pandemics.
For instance, recently the French regime has passed a bill imposing ban on abattoirs where sheep, cattle, and poultry, are slaughtered in a healthy way as per Islamic rules that ensure the availability of hygienic meat.
Muslims, as well as other conscientious people in France are angry with such savage attitudes of the Macron and his ‘musketeers’, who seem to be ignorant of even the medical ethics and the recommendations of non-Muslim scientists that ‘halaal’ meat is indeed healthy compared to animals killed by electric shock for consumption.
As they plan to raise the issue in the parliament to overturn the decision, the regime in Paris has come up with another weird and provocative decision, that is, to ban the wearing of the Islamic hijab by minor girls.
This is nothing but sheer nonsense by the regime, since the wearing of clothes and that too in the most decent and modest way, especially by the feminine gender, is to the benefit of the society, and not to its harm.
It is the culture of nakedness amongst French women since the 1960s which is the sole reason for the spread of crimes, violence and weakening of Christian values in the society.
The French regime should open up its eyes and study its own Christian heritage, where even a woman warrior that helped liberate France from English occupation (Joan of Arc) wore decent clothes, as a follower of the Virgin Mary (peace upon her).
Does Macron think that freedom means the banning of nuns in the convents of France from wearing the wimple that hide their hair and the long and loose tunics that cover up their bodies?

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