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Publish Date : 20 September 2023 - 22:16
By:Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
The Iranian President’s rousing speech at the 78th United Nations General Assembly Session in New York on Tuesday focused on the realities in Iran and on the international scene with the media and think tanks in the West meticulously noting his every word, although such is their nature and their goals that they will rarely admit the undeniable truth.
Hojjat al-Islam Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi, addressing representatives of 193 world countries and waving the Holy Qur’an during a part of his speech when emphasizing respect for religious sanctities whose desecration has become a norm in certain European states, termed the undermining of the family unit and promotion of unnatural gender relations as “a crime against humanity on a par with occupation of lands and the killing of innocents.”
Saying “nuclear weapons have no place in the defence doctrine of the Islamic Republic of Iran”, he called the dangerously nuclear-armed US “the world’s only nuclear criminal that does not fulfill its obligations under the NPT to disarm nuclear weapons, but by imposing illegal unilateral sanctions it violates the indisputable principles of international law, the United Nations Charter and the rights of nations.”
Raisi rightly pointed to the fallacy of peace with the illegal Zionist entity which in addition to its unabated genocide of the Palestinian natives is in occupation of parts of Syria and Lebanon, and “is the only state based on apartheid and racial discrimination remaining in the world”.
He was, however, confident that humanity is awaiting a better future and has entered a new orbit, in view of the “failure of the project of Americanizing the world”.
In other words, said the Iranian President: “the world is waiting for the Saviour prophesied by the Divine religions. We firmly believe that based on Divine Providence and Will, as promised by the Prophets, justice will become universal and the government of Righteous Servants of God will govern Planet Earth thereby salvaging humanity and removing ignorance.”
Such electrifying was the impact of his speech on the audience in highlighting the success story of the Islamic Republic over the past 45 years of war, sanctions, and terrorism masterminded by the combined forces of Global Arrogance that the Israeli ambassador’s desperate attempt to disrupt his speech resulted in Gilad Erdan’s own unceremonious shoving out of the UN Hall – unprecedented in UN history.
Erdan by brandishing a picture of Mahsa Amini (a Kurdish girl who accidently died last year in Tehran due to chronic ailments) had tried to depict her as an Israeli agent. Outside the UN premises some MKO hypocrites did the same by claiming she was one of them, while nearby a group of scantily-clad anti-Iran women masquerading as Iranian exiles – which they are definitely not – repeated the scenario in an attempt to portray her as Godless as them.
These lies of the terrorists, traitors, and their godfather the US were nailed by the memorable speech of the Iranian President who asked the western media and even Hollywood to focus on truth and realties about Iran and the other parts of the world, which Global Arrogance hides, including the selfless service to humanity by Martyr Qassim Soleimani whom the US unmanly assassinated. 


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