News ID: 115605
Publish Date : 29 May 2023 - 23:00

TEHRAN -- The forthcoming birth of Imam Reza (AS) is celebrated and commemorated in many ways, and one of the most mesmerizing is the decoration of the Imam’s Zarih with flowers.
This year, the Zarih has been adorned with colorful flowers, ranging from delicate roses to vibrant lilies and chrysanthemums.
The floral arrangement is meant as a tribute to the revered Imam, a symbol of the love and devotion felt by his followers.
Visiting Imam Reza (AS)’s shrine is a transformative experience combining spiritual and aesthetic elements.
The intricate architecture, stunning tile work, and ornate details create a visually striking environment that truly is a feast for the eyes.
The impact of this sacred place, however, goes far beyond its stunning physical appearance. For many believers, it serves as a constant reminder of the profound influence that Imam Reza (as) has had on their lives, and his enduring legacy continues to inspire Muslims.

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