News ID: 110218
Publish Date : 16 December 2022 - 21:42

Oil Storage Capacity to Increase in Khark Terminal

TEHRAN – The CEO of Iran Oil Terminals Company Abbas Asadrooz has announced plans to increase crude oil storage capacity by 4,200,000 barrels at Khark Oil Terminal.
According to the Iranian Oil Terminals Company, Asadrooz said: “The Iran Oil Terminals Company, which is responsible for receiving, storing and exporting crude oil, as the last piece in the country’s oil and gas production value chain, is responsible for exporting more than 95% of the country oil cargoes.”
He said: “In order to maintain stable storage and increase reliability, permission to build new tanks in Khark Oil Terminal was obtained from the National Iranian Oil Company.”
The CEO of Iran Oil Terminals Company stated: “Based on the investigations and decisions, it was decided to build three tanks of one million barrels and two tanks of 600,000 barrels capacity in Khark Oil Terminal.”