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Publish Date : 02 November 2022 - 21:53

TEHRAN (IBNA) --Concurrent with the 85th anniversary of the endowment of Malek National Museum and Library in Tehran Austrian Cultural Attaché to Iran Sieglinde Spanlang visited the place.
Also serving as the deputy director of Austria’s Cultural Association, Sieglinde Spanlang became familiar with the character Haj Hossein Aqa Malek (1871-1972), the founder and donor of the museum as well, public relations department of Malek National Museum and Library reported.
At a meeting, a plan for cooperation between Austrian Cultural Attaché in Tehran and Malek National Museum and Library was also discussed, and proposals were made.
The cultural advisor of the Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and his special assistant stressed at the meeting on the need to expand the relations between the libraries and museums of the two countries; particularly regarding that Austria is known as the country of museums and sharing experiences and information in this area will be of interest to both parties.
Malek National Library and Museum Institution is the first private museum of Iran, and one of the 6 large libraries holding the exquisite manuscripts. The museum’s collection is a rich trove of the best manuscripts and Iranian historical artworks.
The Institution is located in the historical precinct of “Bagh-e Melli”, that is considered the cultural-historical center of Tehran. Usually, the museum’s visitors are numerous university students and researchers, as well as tourists who enjoy its library and museum facilities. It is one of the biggest libraries of precious manuscripts in Iran.

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