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Publish Date : 23 October 2022 - 21:13

DAMASCUS (Dispatches) – An unidentified drone fired a volley of missiles against the U.S. occupation facility at the Al-Omar Field in Syria’s Dayr al-Zawr, sources familiar with the situation reported without elaborating on the number of casualties.
“Several blasts were heard in the U.S. occupation base in the al-Omar Field in the eastern Dayr al-Zawr countryside as drones buzz overhead,” the sources added.
“The U.S. forces in the (al-Omar) Field retaliated by shelling agricultural areas on the outskirts of al-Mayadin,” they added.
The U.S. occupation forces carried out earlier in the month an airdrop operation involving multiple helicopters in the southern countryside of Qamishli, which resulted in the death of one person.
Besides being an occupation force that backs terrorist groups for its own operations and agenda in the region, the U.S. occupation forces continue to steal Syrian oil by smuggling it from their bases in Syria to their bases in Iraq.
Convoys of tens of vehicles, including tankers loaded with stolen oil from oil fields occupied by U.S. forces in Syria, are frequently seen crossing toward northern Iraq, in addition to trucks loaded with military equipment.
The Syrian Oil Ministry has recently revealed that the U.S. occupation loots the majority of Syria’s oil, knowing that the daily production of the eastern oil fields is 80.3 thousand barrels.
On August 15, SANA said the U.S. smuggled dozens of tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil through the illegal al-Mahmudiyah border crossing.
“Over the past hours, the U.S. occupation forces brought out a convoy of 100 tankers filled with Syrian oil from al-Hasaka countryside to its bases in the Iraqi lands through the crossing,” local sources from al-Yaarubiyah countryside told SANA.
On August 14, SANA reported, citing sources, that the U.S. occupation forces in Syria looted 89 oil tankers from Syria and smuggled them into Iraq through illegal crossings.
A convoy of 89 oil tanks left from al-Yaarubiyah, al-Hasakah Governorate, using the illegal border crossing of al-Mahmudiyah in northeastern Syria to get to Iraq, it reported.
The U.S. meddling in the crisis-stricken Middle Eastern country continues to be exposed, from occupation to military agenda and the theft of oil.

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