News ID: 107625
Publish Date : 09 October 2022 - 23:07
TEHRAN -- The chief commander of the Iranian army said Sunday Iran’s armed forces will not allow any foreign interference and aggression against the country.
Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi said all branches of Iran’s armed forces support one another and form the nation’s front line for protecting the country’s security and heading off threats.
“Our enemies cannot tolerate the progress of this nation and the solidarity between the nation and the armed forces,” he said, adding, “One of their main goals is to
undermine security ... and finally weaken the defensive power of the country,” he said.
“Their most important strategy is to spread despair, shatter the steadfastness of the great Iranian nation, and undermine security of Iran in order to disrupt its independence and progress. They seek to deprive this nation of security and hope, and destroy its resistance.”
Addressing the Iranian youths, he said all mischievous acts committed by the “the criminal U.S.” and the “infanticide Zionist regime” will be taken into consideration “and the day will come when these scores are settled all at once, and you dear youths will see that day with your own eyes.
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