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Publish Date : 09 August 2022 - 21:49
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
The enlightened message of the martyrs of Karbala prevails all over the world today, even as the satanic forces, clearly in their death throes, try to indulge in the Yazidi way of targeting the innocents.
Over the past two days hundreds of millions of devotees of the Prophet of Islam’s Household observed the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Husain (AS) with tributes of tears and the ritual beating of chests to the mournful elegies recited at these gatherings in remembrance of the Greatest-Ever Sacrifice that revived humanitarian values.
Whatever their creed, class, language, or ethnicity, the conscientious have always flocked to the altar of the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) to pay homage to his timeless mission.
In Iran, it is a usual sight at the gatherings in commemoration of history’s most heart-rending tragedy, to see Christians and Zoroastrian bringing their offerings in various forms.
In India, the Hindus revere the processions of Alams or standards that are paraded in the streets in Muharram, as mark of respect for the martyrs of Karbala.
In various other parts of the world, people make their own contributions to the remembrance of the immortal epic of Ashura. 
Today, restrictions are giving way to public commemoration of the tragedy of Karbala as was evident this year in the Caucasus Republic of Azerbaijan where the formerly communist and present laic rulers have realized that the importance of the mission of Imam Husain (AS).
Yes, the residue of the Yazidis lingers in our own times, such as in the illegal entity called Israel, which thirsts for the innocent blood of the Palestinian people.
In Muharram this year, it again tried its satanic stratagem of bombing Gaza and killing men, women, and children, but its days are clearly numbered. The Zionist entity will not last long as was evident by the message of missiles that shattered the so-called iron dome.
It is only a matter of time for Palestine to achieve its liberation, and so also for the people of Nigeria, where this year as well, the military apparently taking orders from the Zionists and the despicable takfiris, fired upon peaceful rallies in Zaria, martyring several innocent people.
In Afghanistan, the terrorist this Muharram have martyred through cowardly bomb blasts some hundred mourners, but these brutalities fail to dent the iron resolve of the Afghan Muslim to observe the tragedy of Karbala, which continues to be remembered vividly all over the world.
These facts attest to the unusually unique character of the epic of Ashura in world history. This narrative is devoid of all worldly desire and interest, and this is why its brilliance grows more brilliant with each passing second.
In short, the Saga of Imam Husain (AS), in contrast to other enduring moments that lost their impact over time, continues to inspire both Muslims and non-Muslims. 


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