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Publish Date : 27 July 2022 - 21:48

TEHRAN -- On the occasion of the month of Muharram, the Cinema Museum will screen 10 best films on Ashura.
Also Muharram Poster and Photo Exhibition titled ‘Cinema and Muharram’ will be launched on the sidelines of the event.
iFilm popular movies ‘The Fateful Day’ and ‘Ziba and I’ are to be screened at the event.
Other films including ‘Incurable Wounds’, ‘Horizon’, ‘Flight in the Night’, ‘Red Robin’, ‘Tenth Day Evening’, ‘Geography of a History’, ‘Hihat’ and ‘The White wings’ are other films to be displayed.
The event will kick off on July 30 (Muharram 1st) and screens one film each day until Ashura, the 10th day of Muharram, the day of Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions’ martyrdom anniversary.
The exhibition will welcome visitors from Iran and around the world.

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