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Publish Date : 18 July 2022 - 21:35

TEHRAN (IP) -- Dolphin boy, an Iranian cartoon, has sold over $1.8 million in Russian cinemas since its premiere in the European country.
The “Dolphin boy” has been co-directed by Mohammad Kheirandish and Mohammad-Amin Hamedani.
During the first two weeks that the film was on screen in Russia, it became the second best-selling film in the country.
The film is a story of an infant who survives a plane crash in the sea. A dolphin and its mom (Nana) save and grow him up. When he knows that he is a human being, the (dolphin) boy leaves the sea and goes to an island in search of his mother.
It is a product of the Sebyan Studio, the animation department of Iran’s Owj Arts and Media Organization.
Reports in the Iranian media in December 2018 had said that German and Russian investors had contributed to the production of the movie.
Dolphin Boy is expected to debut in Iranian cinemas in September.

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