Tuesday 20 April 2021
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Publish Date: 08 March 2021 - 22:02

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

Takfiri terrorism has again raised its ugly head in the usual cowardly manner in US-occupied Afghanistan, and this time these murderers of the innocent, with the full backing of the Americans, are targeting women active in various professional fields.
This is indicative of the anti-Islamic nature of the Daesh terrorists who falsely claim to be Muslims, and are used by the US and Israel to distort the image of Islam.
Yesterday, this dastardly group targeted a senior woman police officer in Lashkargah, the capital of Helmand Province who is fatally injured and fighting for her life, while her husband who was seated in the same car, has died on the spot.
What was the fault of Mrs. Malala other than supervising all female police in the province, as per her duties to ensure law and order in society by providing much needed feminine help to the oppressed women!
The same is the sad story of Mursal Waheedi, Saadia Sadat and Shahnaz Raufi, the three women journalists shot dead by Daesh in the eastern city of Jalalabad last week.
These enterprising Hijab-clad lady journalists of Enikas TV station reflected the changing face of Afghanistan after decades of discrimination against women and denial of education and other rights to them, by stone-age groups terrorizing the Muslim land.
Not content with the murder of these women, the takfiri terrorists last Thursday shot and killed female gynecologist, Dr Sadaf Elyas, bringing to mind memories of last year’s dastardly attack in Kabul on a maternity hospital by Daesh, resulting in the death of several nurses, mothers, and even newborn infants.
This is ample proof of the devilish disposition of Daesh terrorists who despise all humanitarian values, especially the respect reserved for women in Islam.
We all remember the chilling accounts of the enslavement of tens of thousands of women by the Daesh in Syria and Iraq, where with weapons supplied by the US and Israel and with funding from Saudi Arabia, these terrorists violated the basic tenets of Islam through their weird concept of ‘Jihad an-Nikah’, which was nothing but forced prostitution.
Thousands of fatherless children born through such illegitimate means to the kidnapped and enslaved women continue to suffer in the refugee camps in Syria and Iraq, without any identity, long after the Daesh terrorists have been weeded out, thanks to the popular forces in both the countries.
In Afghanistan, because of a variety of reasons, Daesh can neither establish a so-called caliphate of the terrorists, as it had done in parts of Syria and Iraq, nor can it openly enslave women.
This is the reason, these terrorists are targeting women active in various fields, including journalists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, police, athletes, and even the parliamentarians.
Of course, such targeted killings cannot happen unless with the support of the US, and in view of this fact Iran has suggested the forming of popular militias in Afghanistan on the model.
The Islamic Republic is ready to provide help in this regard by training the local Afghan people to set up popular self-defence units, capable of safeguarding security and effectively defeating the Daesh terrorists.
Although the Americans and their agents oppose such a plan, it is the most practical way of ensuring peace and security in Afghanistan by thwarting the devilish designs of Daesh and their American masters.

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