Thursday 03 December 2020
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Publish Date: 31 October 2020 - 23:26

By: Hussain Shariatmadari

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution in his recent message to the French youth has put his finger on one of the sensitive aching nerves of France to expose as fallacious the claim to democracy and freedom of expression in France and other European countries.
Addressing French youth, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said: "Ask your President why the questioning of the Holocaust is a crime, but it is lawful to insult the Prophet (of Islam)?”
This is an articulately formulated double-edged question which is disgraceful both ways for France and its president. It can be said:
1-The Leader knew that his message would become widespread around the world immediately after its release, which means although the French youth are being directly addressed they are not the sole addressees. This move by the eminent Leader is clearly a deep disgrace for the French president. It reflects the reality that the French president is aware of his own filthy move and thus not worthy of being addressed by the Leader.
2-The Holocaust is a great historical lie and an undeniable evidence of being a Zionist myth. The West’s alarm at any research and investigation about the Holocaust is the most evident proof of it being a fabrication. If this was not the case and if the Holocaust was a reality, then the leaders of the West and the Zionists would not have been terrified at the idea of research and investigation; rather they would have welcomed investigation and academic research by anyone in this regard. Thus, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s message has opened for the whole world the file of this great black lie – a scandalous file, of whose opening the Zionists are greatly terrified.
3-Kayhan has earlier (in 2006 and on August 3, 2014), on the basis of numerous documents, proven that the Holocaust was a forgery. Here we briefly state that in the early 1980s, several members of the International Jewish Agency, including Pierre Vidal Naquet, Serge Weils, and François Bedarida, under supervision of the notorious Rene Samuel Sirat, the Chief Rabbi of France (of Algerian origin), on the basis of the alleged massacre of 6 million Jews in Europe during World War II, had drafted and pushed through a law criminalizing any doubts about the myth of the Holocaust, including the slightest doubts raised regarding the alleged gas chambers or the mythical figure of 6 million Jews killed! Anyone violating this law in France is sentenced to prison terms ranging from a month to a year, in addition to a fine of 2,000 francs and up to 300,000 francs. Later, under pressure from the US, Britain, France and the International Jewish Agency, this law was passed in other European countries, so that today any doubt about the alleged Holocaust and its dimensions, is considered a crime in Europe! Yet despite this, to date, scores of eminent European historians and hundreds of well-known professors and experts studying historical documents have in a scientific manner on the basis of authentic documents which no expert can doubt, proven as false and politically motivated for serving criminal goals, the alleged massacre of 6 million Jews, incinerators, and gas chambers. Among them are Professor Roger Garaudy, Professor Robert Faurisson, and Professor Thies Christophersen – author of the famous book "Auschwitz Lie”. In addition, hundreds of other scholarly treatises have been written to disprove the myth of the holocaust by other researchers. The case of Professor Robert Faurisson and the Late Professor Roger Garaudy of France is the more recent and more exemplary.
4-Professor Robert Faurisson of France’s University of Lyon was a distinguished expert in the study and evaluation of historical documents. He presented his well-documented scientific research in the book entitled "Gas Chambers, Reality or Myth?” He studied thousands of documents on the alleged Holocaust and visited all the centres claimed by the Zionists, such as gas chambers, and the so-called museums of incinerators in Germany and other places in Nazi occupied Europe, where he also interviewed hundreds of witnesses, and finally proved the alleged massacre of Jews during World War 2 to be a great historical lie and a shameful deception of public opinion – something by no means far-fetched from the savage Zionists. For example, Faurisson pinpointing at the photographs claimed to be of gas chambers by the Zionists, exposes them as forgeries by noting that the German soldiers are without protective masks. He questions: Do the Nazis in the rooms have their mouths, noses and eyes full of deadly gases while watching life being snuffed out of the condemned Jews? By scrutinizing another photograph claimed by the Zionists to be of helpless Jews awaiting execution, he points out that the several tanks surrounding them have inscriptions in clear and readable English, and not in the German language.
5-The Leader of the Revolution in his message, while citing the ridiculous claim of freedom of speech by France and other European regimes, asks the European people, especially the youth, to study the so-called Holocaust and discover the truth for themselves. The Leader’s question does not stop at the falsity of the Holocaust, but also doubts the political independence of France and the governments of other European states, where even skepticism about the Holocaust is considered a crime. Nevertheless, these days, sentiments are growing among the people of Europe against Zionism, and protests have been intensified against the presence of Zionist Jews in sensitive places, especially policy-making centres of European governments. For example, one of the publically announced goals of France’s Yellow Vests Movement is to bar the Zionists from the economic centres of the country. They cite that in the Bundestag (parliament) of Germany which has 598 members, more than a hundred seats are held by Jews, most of whom are not even Germans, while the Jewish population in Germany is hardly 150,000. And recently, Britain’s Labour Party, one of the two major parties in the country, expelled its former longtime Secretary General Jeremy Corbyn, for voicing protest against the atrocities of the Zionist regime. The question arises: Is the British administration is in the hands of Israel?!
6-The gist of the message of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution clearly shows that the problem of the President of France, as he claims, is not the defence of freedom of expression, if so why not a fair and frank probe of facts, whether about the Holocaust or the astronomical number of Jewish victims claimed by the Zionists?!
In his short message, Ayatollah Khamenei reveals the bitter fact that what has frightened the President of France and other Western regimes is the spread of genuine Muhammadan Islam over past four decades, to the chagrin of the arrogant powers and the bloodthirsty Zionist entity that has indeed opened new horizons for the conscientious.

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