Sunday 01 November 2020
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Publish Date: 28 September 2020 - 21:36

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

In his latest political gaffe, the French president said he is ‘ashamed’ of Lebanese political leaders, but no one, especially the people of Lebanon understood what he really meant by uttering such an idiotic sentence.
Perhaps, some might give Emmanuel Macron the benefit of the doubt and say he is not a moron to offend the people and politicians of Lebanon, and he was actually referring to the inability and incompetency of French politicians to manage the affairs of their country, which besides the Coronavirus pandemic is facing economic, political, and cultural crises – an example being the unstoppable Yellow Vests Movement.
On closer scrutiny, however, it becomes clear that the 42-year Macron is indeed a moron, who is living in a fool’s paradise.
Born only in 1978 when the glorious movement of the Iranian people was nearing victory to instill in the nations of region the spirit of independence from western hegemony, and subsequently the majority of the Lebanese people were inspired to eventually form the legendry anti-terrorist movement, the Hezbollah, in 1982 when he was a toddler not sure of his steps, Macron has made a laughing stock of himself by trying to meddle in Lebanon for the benefit of the Zionist terrorists.
He is still not sure of his faltering steps when he tries to insult the Lebanese political leaders by accusing them of betraying their country, when it is their country and they know what patriotic policies to adopt, rather than the French or any other unrelated outside power.
Macron seems to be living in the past when France, along with Britain, had carved up the Arab lands of what used to be the Ottoman Empire, with Paris seizing Syria and then detaching from it the Mount Lebanon region with the intention of creating a Christian Maronite state that never materialized – unlike the success of London in settling European Zionists in Palestine to create Israel.
The French Mandate over Lebanon ended in 1943, and following independence from European colonialist rule the modern political system in Lebanon was formed.
The Lebanese National Pact, which lays down its most important principles including political independence, will never compromise its sovereignty, nor tolerate insults.
It is thus obvious the French President’s latest statement and the ‘ultimatum’ (without any legal basis) given by him to Lebanon to form a cabinet that takes orders from Paris, is a clear sign of foreign interference in Lebanese politics.
The person who is currently residing in Élysée Palace, and receiving an income of 179,000 Euros annually, is still living in the state of delusion.
Maybe, 77 years back a Parisian could dictate its colonial ideas to Lebanon, but now no Frenchman or for that matter any other foreigner has any right to do so. Moreover, no international body recognizes such meddling in the affairs of a sovereign independent country which is a member of the UN.
The inability of premier-designate Mustapha Adib to form a cabinet is none of France’s business, since it is an internal and domestic matter, which only the Lebanese can decide on whom to trust to form a new government.
The free world is not surprised by the latest colonial views of Western powers towards others, since even in the case of a fellow European state such as Belarus, where free elections have taken place and a President has been chosen, they still try to interfere in its internal affairs.
According to the independent sources investigating the massive Beirut portside blast of last August, hidden hands supported by the Western intelligence agencies and Mossad, can clearly be traced.
It is worth recalling that all of a sudden, the next day of the suspicious blast, Macron landed in Lebanon and behaved in a hegemonic manner, which means it was indeed western conspiracy to blow up the heart of Lebanon’s economic hub and bring down the government of Prime Minister Hassaan Diab.
A piece of advice to Macron on all those morons in Europe and the US who are conspiring against Lebanon and its people:
The anti-terrorist movement, Hezbollah, represents the largest single group of Lebanon, the Shi’te Muslims who form over 40 percent of the national population. Moreover, in alliance with the patriotic Lebanese Christians and the patriotic Sunni Muslims (not the fraction of a minority that is linked to France and the US), they have every right to form a broad-based government on the basis of national interests, that will oppose the illegal Zionist entity, even if it means the West will continue its policy of economic terrorism against Lebanon.

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