Sunday 27 September 2020
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Publish Date: 16 September 2020 - 21:53
TEHRAN (Dispatches) – The Supreme Council of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening held an extraordinary online meeting here Wednesday to discuss a recent decision by the UAE and Bahrain to normalize ties with the occupying regime of Israel.
Secretary-General of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening Ali Akbar Velayati and experts from around 50 Islamic nations attended the webinar.
Velayati warned that the Persian Gulf countries will have to pay a heavy price for the humiliating move.
"Some puppet governments in the Persian Gulf have pinned hopes on nothing and built a house on water instead of relying on divine promises, unity, the popular willpower and the unique capacities of the Islamic world.
"They should pay the price and face the consequences of such a humiliating compromise and normalization,” he said.
Velayati stressed the need for the Islamic unity and resistance against the excessive demands and vicious plots of the enemies.
"Further weakening of the peace process and growing strengthening of the resistance current’s determination and resolve would be the only remedy and the way for materialization of the cause of Palestine,” he said.
Velayati said Palestine has been the most important and pivotal issue of the Islamic world for the past 70 years, decrying hostile attempts to gradually eliminate the Muslim nation and replace it with the fake Zionist regime.
"The global arrogance has hatched various plots to consign such critical issue to oblivion as the Islamic world’s top priority,” he said.
Attended by experts from around 50 Islamic nations, the webinar was held in response to the wrong move by the UAE and Bahrain to normalize ties with Israel, which has drawn widespread condemnation from around the world.
The normalization has coincided with a French satirical publication’s reprinting of insulting cartoons against Prophet Muhammad

 (Peace be upon Him), with many observers viewing it an intentional move.
Ayatollah Seyyed Muhammad Qaemmaqami condemned the decision by Charlie Hebdo to republish the sacrilegious cartoons in a Tuesday address to an international gathering of monotheistic religions, attended by representatives from Nigeria, Yemen, Argentina and Pakistan.
"That the French publication says ‘it has done the right thing and will do that again’ is indicative of an inherent malice,” Qaemmaqami said.
"We hope that humanity will have a change of heart and that the current Satanic rule, which is a throwback to the ignorance of the past will end soon,” he added.
French President Emmanuel Macron has refused to condemn the measure, citing freedom of expression, claiming it was not right for a political leader to get involved in editorial matters.
In Iran, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei condemned the French magazine, saying such hostile moves are rooted in the "deeply anti-Islamic policies” of Zionists and arrogant governments.
Ayatollah Khamenei also denounced as "unacceptable” French politicians’ refusal to condemn the blasphemous caricatures under the guise of respecting free speech.

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