Thursday 01 October 2020
News ID: 81776
Publish Date: 15 August 2020 - 21:54
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

It was nothing more than a marriage between a harlot and a client involved in licentious relationship for years with each side thinking that the other was being used to its advantage.
And, of course, as it happens in all such illicit bonds that sooner or later become public there was a pimp, and that too a professional in his unethical trade.
Yes, we are speaking of the recent decision of Israel and the UAE to finally set up formal diplomatic ties with each other through the disreputable services of the unmanly US president, Donald Trump after a longtime liaison against the interests of not just the oppressed Palestinian people but against the whole Islamic Ummah.
What we have been saying and warning for quite some time of the behind-the- scene treason of unrepresentative regimes of spurious states – without history, geography, and culture of their own – has finally come to light to the shock of the naïve and the simple-minded.
The irony, however, is that the simpletons are still being taken for a ride by the unholy Abu Dhabi-Tel Aviv-Washington triangle of such weird ideas as ‘support for Palestinian rights in the West Bank’, ‘political-economic realities on the part of the Arabs’, and ‘a common cause against a common enemy’.
Who is the common enemy that is feared by the Americans, the Zionists, and the faithless amongst the rootless British created Arab regimes that are devoid of Islamic spirit and whose precarious survival depends on their funding of terrorist outfits, coupled with lavish tributes to the Great Satan?
The answer is obvious. It is the Islamic Republic of Iran.
What has Iran done against the interests of all three sides?
Nothing; other than preserving its faith, independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and dignity, as well as that of the regional peoples and governments (upon request) in the face of the most intricate plots of Global Arrogance, such as Saddam’s 8-year war of the 1980s, the American aim for hegemony in West Asia, Israel’s attempts to obliterate the Palestinians and the Lebanese, and last but not the least the terrorist bid to turn a large area stretching from the Iraqi coast on  the Persian Gulf to Syria’s Mediterranean shores into ‘Takfiristan’.
So, would the UAE’s formal establishment of diplomatic ties with the Zionist entity – to be followed by a similar move by the Aal-e Khalifa minority pirate regime of Bahrain – for publicizing the several-year long political, economic, and military presence of Israel in the Persian Gulf region, browbeat Islamic Iran into submission to the economic terrorism of Trump the Pimp?
Absolutely not, and on the contrary this desperate move in the aftermath of the dastardly Beirut port blast, Iran and the Resistance Front, all its way to Occupied Palestine, have all the aces up their sleeves, and the future events will definitely see the decisive defeat of the harlot, its clients, and the Pimp.

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