Saturday 19 September 2020
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Publish Date: 31 July 2020 - 22:11

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The US, or more properly the regimes, whether Republican or Democrat, that march in and out of the White House, have since 1979 following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, indulged in feverish propaganda to portray the Islamic Republic as an existential threat to American interests.
Accordingly, Washington has resorted to the most weird and wildest sanctions against Tehran in the vain hope of changing the popular system of government, but all its intricate economic, political, technological, cultural, military, and media plots, have gone haywire as Iran continues its march towards the pinnacles of progress.
It is obvious that the Great Satan’s dream of destroying the Iranian economy, disrupting its dynamic defence capabilities that deter any aggressor, and rolling back Iran’s popular appeal and positive influence in the region and beyond, have turned into nightmares.
In contrast to the unending hostile policy of the White House in causing harm and hardship to the Iranian people, the Islamic Iran has never been the enemy of the American people, neither has it harassed US citizens, nor does it incite the various badly discriminated ethnicities that make up the bulk of the population of the United States of America to rise up and bring down the white racist system.
In fact, there is no need for the Islamic Republic to indulge in such inhuman and unprincipled behaviour vis-à-vis criminal cliques who dig their own graves and whose policy of state terrorism, both at home and abroad, have set the clock ticking for the collapse from within.
Those still in doubt are advised to look at the nature of the nationwide protests that have entered the third month following the brutal daylight murder by white policemen of Afro-American citizen George Floyd, and the growing atrocities of an increasingly isolated administration to try to end the unstoppable unarmed demonstrators, who want justice and removal of social discrimination.
The pace of developments in the US, coupled with the insulting attitude of a grossly incompetent and idiotic president (Donald Trump) in stoking violence through the use of racist slurs and terroristic tweets, speak for themselves.
The writing on the wall is crystal clear. It is obvious that the fall of symbols of slavery, racism, and oppression of the masses, including statues at public places of the hated figures of the past as well as the frequent burning of the Star & Stripes banner which American citizens view as nothing more than indicative of barbed wire and instruments of torture to hold their innate longing for equality in perpetual thralldom, are all undeniable proofs of the determination of the people to confront the world’s most brutal regime.
In view of these facts, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution made the most logical evaluation when he stated "the main enemy of the US administration is not the Islamic Republic of Iran; rather, it is the people of that country, who will ultimately destroy the present political system in the US.”
Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, in his televised speech on Friday on the occasion of Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) that was widely reflected by the international media, rightly remarked: "Current events in the US are like a simmering fire that has burst into flames. Even if they manage to extinguish it, it will flare up again and burn down the current US regime, because the politico-economic philosophy of that system is wrong and condemned to destruction.”
He pointed out that unable to resolve class inequalities, racial discrimination, economic problems, a high rate of unemployment, and rapid spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, the morally bankrupt US regime, which is abhorred and isolated throughout the world today is in a state of acute confusion.
This is the reason, he said, "the regime in Washington desperately conjures up outside enemies, by laying the blame for its problems on Iran, and at other times on Russia and China, but the fact of the matter is that, the US has no enemy bigger than its own nation, and this very enemy will bring that regime to its knees.”
What an apt description of the fast approaching end of the most evil empire that the world has ever seen, and which in its death throes might resort to misadventure somewhere abroad that will only accelerate its downfall, thanks to the vigilance of the ever alert free world!

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