Sunday 27 September 2020
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Publish Date: 29 June 2020 - 22:00

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The Islamic Republic of Iran has requested Interpol to issue "Red Notices” for bringing to justice one of the most dangerous criminals in the world along with his accomplices in crimes against humanity.
It is crystal clear that the chief culprit in the cowardly assassination in Baghdad on January 3 of Iran’s famous anti-terrorist icon, Lt. General Qassem Soleimani, along with Iraq’s General Abu Mahdi al-Muhanddis, is Donald Trump who although impeached by the House of Representatives for his treason against the US, shamelessly continues to masquerade as president.
Iran has the full right to issue arrest warrant and prosecute the criminals in international courts, and will pursue all legal and legitimate channels in this regard.
According to International Criminal Law, the prosecution for major international crimes, including genocide, terrorism, and war crimes, is necessary for delivering justice to the hapless victims and their families.
Investigations, trials, and punishment of leaders who have committed crimes and caused mass atrocities, is a key demand of victims of human rights abuses. Prosecution of such criminals can play a major role in restoring dignity to victims, and building trust in international relations.
Crimes against humanity never pay, neither do acts of lawlessness endear the outlaws to the people they seek to dominate, nor can terrorism overawe forever the oppressed masses.
Today, the miserable conditions in Afghanistan, the war imposed on Yemen, the plight of the Palestinian people, the chaos in Syria, the political instability in Iraq, the financial crisis in Lebanon, the genocide in Bahrain, the sedition of the Saudis in Arabia, and the killing fields of Libya, are all because of the treason against humanity of the US.
These crimes against humanity ought not to go unanswered, and it is time the free world made Washington to pay dearly for its state terrorism, which currently is on full display in the US itself where the Afro-Americans and other citizens of ‘color’ are being ruthlessly killed by the white supremacist administration.
The people of our region definitely have the power to confront and drive out the US terrorist forces, which are not invincible despite their so-called military might. Once the people’s patience, which is already running thin, snaps, all hell will break loose on the Americans.
It is obvious that when we use the word "martyr” for Lt. Gen. Soleimani, Gen. Abu Mahdi al-Muhanddis, and their companions, who became the prime victims of the state terrorism of the evil US empire, we mean that Trump who is shamelessly bragging that he personally ordered the killing of these Godly men (thousands of kilometers away from America, thereby violating international law, humanitarian values, and the fundamentals of the Christian creed to which people in the West are supposed to adhere), is a mass murderer deserving punishment for his crimes against humanity.
Of course, the 74-year old dotard, who in stark contrast to the pious life of his latest victims, has spent his entire life in cardinal sins, including lies, deceit to amass wealth, adultery, and disobedience of all civil and divine laws, is most surely destined for the fires of hell, but justice in this world requires meting out the deserving punishment to him before his miserable life ends.
The people of Iran and Iraq, as well as all those nations who were helped by General Soleimani, including the Christians of Syria, to safeguard their honour, dignity, faith, religious rites, cultural values, historical heritage, and above all independence from foreign occupation, have the right to retaliate.
Likewise, Iraq and the Iraqi people, instead of bending to US pressures and arresting members of the anti-terrorist Hashd ash-Sha’bi (Popular Mobilization Units), can at least issue a similar arrest warrant for Trump and his clique of criminals for violating the sovereignty of the Land of the Two Rivers and assassinating its top military leaders.
The government in Baghdad should exercise its right to expel all CENTCOM terrorists from Iraqi soil, and in case of any delay by the American occupiers in leaving Iraq, the Iraqi people and the PMU have the right to attack and destroy US forces.

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