Sunday 29 March 2020
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Publish Date: 17 March 2020 - 22:24

TEHRAN (Dispatches) - Iran says the UN’s Children Fund (UNICEF) Uzbekistan, the United Arab Emirates, China and Kuwait have sent separate cargos of humanitarian aid to the Islamic Republic to help the country combat the deadly coronavirus.
Iran’s foreign ministry said UNICEF has shipped the third consignment of medicine and supplies to support Iranian children against the coronavirus epidemic.
Uzbekistan’s humanitarian aid arrived on Monday morning which included medical supplies.
An Uzbek plane brought the batch to Iran on March 16.
The United Arab Emirates also sent two aid planes carrying critical medical supplies to Iran to support Tehran’s efforts to combat the COVID-19 disease.
Abu Dhabi says the two aid aircraft contained over 32 metric tonnes of supplies, including boxes filled with thousands of pairs of gloves, surgical masks, and protective equipment.
On March 3, the UAE had contributed to a coronavirus aid mission to the Islamic Republic in collaboration with the World Health Organisation, WHO, by dispatching a UAE aircraft carrying 7.5 tonnes of medical supplies and five WHO experts.
A consignment of medical supplies, weighing 15 tons, provided by the people of China is going to be shipped to Iran on Tuesday night, the Iranian envoy to Beijing said.
Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh announced in a post on his Twitter account on Tuesday that a shipment of humanitarian aid, weighing 15 tons, will be delivered to Iran.
He said a same cargo was shipped from China to Iran on Sunday, which included the supplies donated by the people of China, including 1,512 packages of coronavirus diagnostic test kits, oxygen generators and medical ventilators, body temperature monitors, hospital disinfectant machines, ordinary and N95masks, gloves, eyewear, gowns and detergents.
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait Sheikh Ahmad Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah expressed solidarity with the Iranian government and nation in the battle with the coronavirus epidemic, and unveiled plans for a donation of $10 million to Iran for the fight against COVID-19.

Kuwait’s top diplomat said his country would give a donation of $10 million to Iran to help the efforts to contain the coronavirus epidemic.
In a telephone conversation with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Tuesday morning, For his part, Zarif expressed gratitude to the Kuwaiti government and nation, and described the war on the virus as a global issue that requires regional and international cooperation.

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