Friday 24 January 2020
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Publish Date: 13 January 2020 - 21:35
AMMAN (Dispatches) – The Daesh terrorist group is once again on the rise in the Middle East, King Abdullah of Jordan has warned, saying that thousands of terrorists moved from Syria to Libya – bringing the whole problem even closer to Europe.
The revelation was made by the king during an exclusive interview with France 24 which aired on Monday.
The monarch said that his "major concern is that we have seen over the past year the re-establishment and rise of Daesh, not only in southeastern Syria but also in western Iraq”.
"We have to deal with the reemergence of Daesh,” he noted.
Ironically, the timeframe given by King Abdullah corresponds with the announcement of a decisive victory over Daesh by U.S. President Donald Trump, who repeatedly praised himself for the achievement in early 2019. After the alleged ‘victory’, however, the terrorist group is apparently on the rise again.
Moreover, thousands of militants have moved from Syria into another of the region’s terrorist hotspots, the king stated, implying they were able to travel there through Turkey. Such a flow of terrorists brings the whole Middle Eastern mess significantly closer to the EU – and the bloc must deal with it as soon as possible.
"Several thousand militants have left Idlib through the northern border and have ended up in Libya; that is something that we in the region, and also our European friends, will have to address in 2020,” he stated.
The interview comes ahead of King Abdullah’s EU tour, with the monarch scheduled to engage in talks in Brussels, Strasbourg and Paris later this week. The situation in Libya – and the inflow of terrorists the war-torn country endures – will be among the main topics of discussion with the European leaders.
"From a European perspective, with Libya being much closer to Europe, this is going to be an important discussion in the next couple of days,” Abdullah said.

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