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Publish Date: 08 December 2019 - 22:11

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
It would indeed be a sigh of relief for all mankind and the modern world’s quest for peace and co-existence, if one of the most brutal and war-mongering military alliances in history, finally ends its unwarranted existence.
The recent summit in the British capital London, where heads of member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) met to dispute with each other, is a firm indication that death is nigh for seventy years of militarism by western imperialist powers and their terrorizing of the Free World.
France’s President Emmanuel Macron has rightly called NATO "Brain Dead” and although the quixotic US President Donald Trump tried to oppose this apt description by contradicting his own phrase of the election days as "NATO is obsolete”, the fast approaching end cannot be long put off.
Trump, a criminal without the least doubt, would like to use NATO for his extra-territorial ambitions against China’s growing global influence, and possibly against North Korea, and in the Persian Gulf. Most NATO states, however, have refused his bidding.
Founded in 1949 by the US and 11 other western countries on the pretext of curbing the rise of communism/socialism that was sweeping across post World War 2 Europe, NATO was a white elephant from its beginning. 
It could not deter the communist east of Europe, led by the Soviet Union, to set up the Warsaw Pact six years later in 1955. Through these two military alliances the world unfortunately became a battleground of the so-called ‘Cold War’, while NATO and Warsaw Pact never actually clashed with each other, because of the balance of terror of their huge nuclear and other unconventional arsenals.
They, however, used proxies to test the efficiency of their weapons and in the process destabilized countries. 
In 1991, on the threshold of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, two years after collapse of the Berlin Wall and removal of the so-called ‘Iron Curtain’, the Warsaw Pact was disbanded, thanks to the peace promoting policies of President Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the USSR.
If there was honesty in the leaders of the West, or if there were any statesmen in the US, Britain, France, and Germany, of the calibre of Gorbachev, they could have reciprocated the goodwill by announcing the end of NATO, since there was now no need for this military alliance to exist.
This did not happen. On the contrary NATO, in violation of its promise to Moscow following the end of cold war, expanded and pushed towards the east, growing from its original 12 members to 29 member countries at present.
North Macedonia is set to join next year, while NATO has expanded far beyond the North Atlantic, entering into partnership with Colombia in 2017 on the Pacific coast of South America, while Trump is advocating full membership for Brazil.
In the Muslim World, the US would love to see NATO forge alliances with the illegal Zionist regime against the Palestinian people’s struggle for statehood, as well as with the reactionary regimes, such as Saudi Arabia, for terrorizing the bid for democratic self-rule by the long-suppressed Arab people of West Asia and North Africa.    
In other words, Washington wants NATO to serve as a handy tool against the Islamic resurgence and against the resistance forces and governments, inspired by the Islamic Republic of Iran to unite the Ummah on the platform of independence from the neo-colonialists.
It is worth recalling that in 1992, a year after the disbanding of Warsaw Pact, NATO interfered in Bosnia-Herzegovina with some 60,000 troops on the pretext of serving as ‘peace-keepers’ but actually to prevent the emergence of a sovereign European Muslim state by tacitly enabling the Serbs to massacre tens of thousands of Muslims.
As a matter of fact, NATO has a bloody history of bombing civilians and committing war crimes. In 1999, NATO engaged in military operations without UN approval in Yugoslavia. Its illegal airstrikes during the Kosovo War left hundreds – if not thousands – of civilians dead.
In 2001, thousands of kilometers away from the North Atlantic, NATO teamed up with the US in invading and occupying distant Afghanistan, where it is still bogged down with no exit in sight.
In 2003 NATO joined Washington’s invasion of Iraq, and cannot absolve itself of partnering the US in the killing of, whether directly or indirectly, over 1.5 million Muslims, in addition to the displacement of millions of others.
In 2011, NATO forces illegally invaded Libya to remove and kill its leader Mo’ammer Qadhafi, thereby creating a failed state that continues to be wracked by civil war, with Libyan Muslims killing each other for no reason and rhyme.
In the same year, some NATO member states, Britain and France, involved themselves militarily against the legal government of President Bashar al-Assad, as part of efforts to support the macabrely murderous terrorists streaming in through NATO member Turkey from different parts of the world. 
Moreover, as millions of people fled their destroyed towns and cities, rather than take responsibility for these refugees, NATO states have turned back desperate migrants on the Mediterranean Sea, letting thousands die.
To sum up, NATO is the cause of the new arms race with Russia, including upgrading of nuclear arsenals. Therefore, the sooner it is disbanded the better for world peace and stability, since a relic of the cold war shouldn’t be reconfigured to prolong the US domination of Europe, or to pick up fights with Russia, China, and the Resistant Front of the Muslim World, or to launch suicidal space wars.

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