Sunday 05 July 2020
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Publish Date: 02 December 2019 - 21:33

WEST BANK (Dispatches) – Palestinians have observed a massive general strike after Zionist troops shot dead an 18-year-old Palestinian in the occupied West Bank.
Shops and schools were closed in large parts of the West Bank on Sunday after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement and several other Palestinian groups in the region called for a strike on Sunday, the Palestine Information Center reported.
The regime authorities deployed a large number of troops to curb protests by Palestinians.
The Palestinian Ministry of Health earlier identified the slain youth as Badawi Masalmeh, adding that Zionist troops took away his body after he died on Saturday night.
Local media reports said medics were barred from the scene of the incident near the Palestinian town of Beit Awwa, about 22 kilometers west of al-Khalil.
Two other Palestinians were arrested at the scene, near the entrance of an Israeli settlement on the outskirts of al-Khalil.
The Zionist regime’s military regularly opens fatal fire on Palestinians, claiming they pose a threat to the Tel Aviv regime forces.
Human rights groups have repeatedly criticized Tel Aviv for its shoot-to-kill policy. Zionist troops have on numerous occasions been caught on camera killing Palestinians, with the videos going viral online and sparking international condemnation.

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