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Publish Date: 22 November 2019 - 22:07

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
Even as the US thinks that its devilish designs have succeeded in driving into exile Bolivia’s democratically elected president, Evo Morales, anti-Washington rallies have erupted on a massive scale in CIA-run Colombia, indicating that Latin Americans are in no mood to submit to the hegemony of the Anglo-Saxon North.
Last Thursday hundreds of thousands of people poured into the streets of the Colombian capital, Bogota, calling for ouster of the US-installed regime of President Ivan Duque
The economic mess made by Duque and his clique, coupled with the disruption of the social and security structure of the country, have made the people show open support for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), which want end to US hegemony.
The fact that people from all walks of life have joined the huge demonstrations that included trade unions, students, opposition parties and Columbia’s indigenous organizations made up of the long-deprived Amerindians, is proof of the deep hatred of Washington’s hegemonic policies that have plundered the wealth of not just Colombia but the whole of Latin America.
Duque, who came to power in August 2018, under orders from Washington seems to have violated the clauses of the deal reached with FARC in Vietnam in 2016, ending 50 years of conflict which claimed an estimated 260,000 lives.
The Colombian people are naturally angry with Duque, especially after the chaotic situation in neighbouring Bolivia, where instability reigns after the exit of the popularly elected Morales – an indigenous Amerindian – for whose return the Bolivian people are calling despite the brutal measures adopted in Quito by the unelected and illegitimate interim regime.  
Duque, however, instead of listening to the voices of the people, is behaving in the same arrogant dictatorial manner of President Sebastian Pinera of Chile, another US-backed potentate whom the Chilean people want to get rid of.
In Bogota, the police and security forces have resorted to tear gas and baton-charges, and though at the moment there are no reports of any casualties, when fatalities begin to spill the blood of Colombian people, matters may take a different turn, especially since FARC is calling on its supporters to take up arms against the regime.
The Colombians are decrying the CIA-backed reign of terror of Duque, who they say is against peace, while his forces are openly killing children and murdering social leaders.
The indigenous Amerindians communities are also being increasingly attacked by the Duque regime, which is seen by the natives as residue of the hated Spanish colonial past.
The US, which is the source of trouble and terrorism all over the world, is afraid of losing its vested interests in Latin America, where its cronies are already out of power in Argentina, may soon see their exit in Brazil, are about to yield to public demands in Chile, and could be ousted from Bolivia.
If the people of Colombia were to succeed in their peaceful bid to end the CIA-run regime of Duque, a vast part of Latin America may become free of the yoke of Uncle Sam, which might still not end its satanic meddling in the region, especially following the failure of its devilish designs elsewhere around the world, as is evident by its debacles in West Asia, where its plots have come to naught in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and other countries.

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